Lartington Parish Council

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The Parish Council takes a strong interest in planning matters and considers each application carefully. Our usual procedure involves consideration of the application either at an ordinary meeting of the council, if convenient, or at a specially convened site meeting. The Council's Standing Orders do allow, however, the Chair to determine whether such a meeting is necessary and an application which has minimal impact on neighbouring properties and clearly conforms to planning and conservation area regulations will be sometimes recommended for approval (subject to the usual conditions) without a meeting being held.

Lartington Parish Council is disposed to support all residents in their ambitions to improve the circumstances in which they live and, sometimes, work. In considering an application, however, we do take into account the Parish Plan, DCC Planning Policies and Lartington's status as a Conservation Area and will not hesitate to object to applications which appear not to comply with these and which we consider to be detrimental to the community in which we live.

We would urge that anyone considering an application for planning permission seeks advice from Planning Officers at an early stage - Durham County Council Planning

Prepared in 2005 after wide consultation with local residents, the Lartington Parish Plan continues to inform the work of the Council whilst Teesdale Local Plan - Saved Policies  details policies retained by Durham County Council following the creation of the unitary authority.

Lartington was designated a Conservation Area in April 1984 and Durham County Council prepared and approved a Lartington Conservation Area Character Appraisal in December 2012. This is also an important resource when considering any developments or proposals.